Residencial Zarco

The archipelago of Madeira is part of Portugal, being situated at about 1.000 Km far from the Portuguese mainland and 700 Km far from the African continent. In this group of islands we can also find the “Golden Island” of Porto Santo and the uninhabited islands Selvagens and Desertas.

The name “Ilha da Madeira” (translated Island of Wood) is due to the luxurious and thick forests which surprised Portuguese navigators when the island was discovered.

João Gonçalves Zarco was the fearless captain of a Portuguese sea expedition along the African coast, which was driven by a big storm to an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The island was named Porto Santo, or Holy Port, in gratitude for the rescue and shelter they found in the golden sand bay of this island. All this occurred in the year 1419.

From this island, Zarco detected a distant black spot in the horizon which later led him to another voyage of discovery: he reached Madeira in the year 1420.

Madeira is a garden bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. Its warm weather, its hospitable people and its beauty become mysterious and profound in its dream landscapes. Nowadays it is a first choice holiday destination, where the vibrancy of life mingles with the pulsing rhythm of nature, people and the sea.

Residencial Zarco is situated at the heart of Funchal, main city of the island of Madeira.

The city’s name comes after the aromatic wild herb “Fennel” which was growing in the area when the island was discovered. Nowadays this plant is still used to produce the famous and delicious candies called “rebuçados de funcho”.

Funchal is a natural amphitheatre with white houses climbing up the hills, around a blue bay which harbours many ships and cruises visiting the island.

The history of the island is inevitably connected to the name of the famous Portuguese discoverer João Gonçalves Zarco. The name of our Residential is borrowed from this navigator whose heroic deeds and adventures are always connected to this island, like an inspiring and unforgettable epic. We offer you a beautiful view over the sea, a constant reminder of the courage of men who sailed across these waters, being persistent in the chase of a dream!...

Funchal Bay
View over Ribeira Brava
Câmara de Lobos Bay
Caldeirão Verde
São Vicente
New Year's Fireworks